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Wellness Workshops

Sharing my knowledge and passion in Poland and Internationally. All about Yoga, Spirituality and Wellness.

Wellness Retreats

Organizing retreats in Poland and Spain. Joining retreats internationally to share my love to the world.

Essential oils

Sharing the essential oils benefits and my knowledge about them. Join World of doTerra with me.

sharing good energy

 Sharing my lifestyle, passions, hobbies and knowledge.  Join me on my journey today.

Heal Yourself, Find Yourself, Know Yourself, Know Yourself, Correct Yourself, See Yourself, Love Yourself, Be Yourself, Resepect Yourself


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Yoga Retreats

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World of doTERRA
Essential Oils

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Essential Oils

Enter the world of Essential Oils with me. Find out more about their healing aspects. How they impact our mind, body and soul. Discover holistic aspects of their use. 


Place where I share a bit of my world with you. Sending you the energy that dreams within me. Please where you can meet me on a different level and get a glimpse of my life. 


Are you just starting your yoga journey? Or you are on the path of yoga discovery? Would you like to enjoy practice on the mat and off the mat? I Invite you to pause, breath, listen and be!

About Me

My name is Natalia, but feel free to call me Natalie. I’m a yoga teacher, seeker of happiness, a nature lover and a big dreamer. Yoga is my love which I enjoy sharing on and off the yoga mat.